* Lettuce, Roosevelt Collier @ Vinyl Music Hall 02/17/2019

“We lost a good friend this Friday. This song is dedicated to Kofi.” – Roosevelt Collier. During Roosevelt “The Dr.” Collier’s set, the Miami-master of sacred steel guitar, stopped his band and shared a tribute to Kofi Burbridge. The multi-instrumentalist... Continue Reading →

* Tales From the Harddrive: Words with Jimmy Carter. Blind Boys of Alabama @ Vinyl Music Hall 04/04/14

“Early morning, April four, Shots ring out in the Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life. They could not take your pride.” – U2 “Pride (In the Name of Love) Exactly 46 years after the assassination of Dr.... Continue Reading →


On Oct. 3rd, Sir Elton John posted a quote and a photo of himself standing between two artists. His Instagram account praised, “Last night in Atlanta I saw one of the best concerts I have ever seen.” What Elton John... Continue Reading →

“Sweet Chip O’ Mine” Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

“Sweet Chip O’ Mine” Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe “You know where you are? You’re in the kitchen, baby! And you’re going to bake!” ARTIST: Ovens N’ Roses RUNNING TIME: A little under an hour depending on how long the opening... Continue Reading →

* LOCAL SHOWCASE: Transmute, Paloma, Dinosaur Daze @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEWS W/ JOEY AMSPACHER, JON DEALE AND GIOVANNI LUGO 04/26/13

“This is bittersweet because there was a time when Pensacola had nothing. It was nothing but a ghost town. An empty street at seven o’clock, 6:30 even. And all we had was The Handlebar. All we had was Van Gogh’s,... Continue Reading →


MICHAEL SMITH: This is my crazy question, I always have to ask you a crazy question; you can only pick one...would you want people to make love, get married or fight to the music of Ballyhoo!? HOWI SPANGLER: Make love, man.... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Betsy Badwater & The Hillbilly Chrome @ Vinyl Music Hall + Q & A W/ Lang Hollowman. 06/25/11

This isn’t my grandfather’s blues. On a night that saw Chris Thomas King perform a hip-hop, spoken-word laced version of the blues standard “The Thrill is Gone,” local musician Mike Roycroft expressed his thoughts on witnessing the new wave of... Continue Reading →

* CockFight, Pink Pompeii @ The Handlebar. 06/23/11

Beer Buffett plus live music always make for intriguing bedfellows and so was the case when CockFight and Pink Pompeii hit The Handlebar on Thursday night. Whirling in from the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and spinning their electro, rock, folk... Continue Reading →

* Haste The Day & Sleeping With Sirens @ Vinyl Music Hall.10/04/10

FOR MORE PICS FROM THIS SHOW click on this link...Haste The Day Pensacola, FL Flickr page Monday, January 21, 1985. That was the day that I fully committed to Heavy Metal! Ronald Reagan was inaugurated to a second term and... Continue Reading →

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