Pioneers O Pioneers

* Surfer Blood, PIONEERS! O PIONEERS (Final Show) , Imaginary Air Show @ Vinyl Music Hall 04/29/13

"On Oct. 27, 2013 Todd Vilardi shared the influence of Lou Reed on his Facebook page. Following Reed’s death that day, Vilardi posted a photo of the Velvet Underground, Reed’s high school picture, and a paragraph about his legacy. 'sometimes it is blue, and... Continue Reading →

* Cursive, Elyse Therose, Pioneers! O Pioneers! @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ TIM KASHER 10/20/2012

P=mV It’s all about momentum for Tim Kasher. Through books, through music, the Cursive frontman is constantly moving. One week before Cursive’s show at Vinyl Music Hall with Elyse Therose and Pioneers! O Pioneers!, Kasher talked about their mini-tour, music,... Continue Reading →

* RAW PANDA RECORDS SHOWCASE: Paloma, Kent Stanton, Pioneers O Pioneers! 08/11/12

Words with Friends...not the game, but the act of sharing words with friends, like Gio Lugo of Paloma. A week before the Raw Panda Showcase at Vinyl Music Hall (Featuring Paloma, Kent Stanton, Pioneers! O Pioneers! and ASHMEN) the Paloma... Continue Reading →

* The Whigs, Jonny Corndawg, Pioneers! O Pioneers, Uncle Chris @ The Handlebar. 03/29/11

As I stepped into a Tuesday night at The Handlebar, Uncle Chris (aka Jonathan Parish) was exchanging playful banter with the crowd before he kicked into his final song. The performance signaled the start of a night of music which... Continue Reading →

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