* The Vibrators, The Flying Guillotines, The Handsome Scoundrels @ The Handlebar. 10/11/11

As soon as “The Beav” strutted on stage, raised his trucker-cap covered head into the microphone to unleash heaven, hell and all things primal at the start of The Flying Guillotines set, I knew that my night was going to... Continue Reading →

* Nekromantix, The Howlers, Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs @ Vinyl Music Hall. 09/02/11

It was an evening tryst with the Devil. As the sun ran like hell from the ivory moon and her black shadows of night, rock fury descended onto the stage as the Nekromantix had their pleasure with the Vinyl Music... Continue Reading →

* Ballyhoo!, The Bastard Suns @ Vinyl Music Hall. 07/17/11

The Summer Soundsystem Tour hit Downtown Pensacola, Florida as Ballyhoo! invaded Vinyl Music Hall with The Bastard Suns for a reggae-vibe induced night of punk sounds. I missed local group Operation Hennessey’s set and by the time I made it... Continue Reading →

* Dick Dale, Laramie Dean @ Vinyl Music Hall. 06/18/11

Shortly after the strike of midnight, “The King of the Surf Guitar” put aside the instrument that has circled his identity for over half a century, walked over to his son and proceeded to create one of the greatest Father’s... Continue Reading →

* The Turbo A.C.’s, The Arkhams, Swim With Sharks @ The Handlebar. 06/05/11

The Turbo A.C.’s are dangerous at any speed. The last time I witnessed the group unleash their New York punk sound on Pensacola, I ended up in a wreck minutes after popping their CD “Automatic” into my deck after leaving... Continue Reading →

* Face To Face, Strung Out, The Darlings, Blitzkid @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/31/11

“Eyewear in the pit…don’t mix.” Lessons learned like a G.I. Joe cartoon public service announcement from the 1980’s. I’ve known this lesson ever since I first lost a pair of glasses at an all-ages show when I was 16 years... Continue Reading →

* The Independents, The Handsome Scoundrels, The F’n A-holes @ Alabama Music Box. + Evil Presley Interview 04/26/11

***Less than 24 hours after the Independents performed at the Alabama Music Box, many states in the Southern, Midwestern, and Eastern regions of the United States were hit by what the media have called one of the most destructive tornado... Continue Reading →

* CockFight vs. Daikaiju @ The Handlebar. 02/24/11

Twisted from the wreckage of iron vengeance and forged in the fire of sonic combat, two bands stand opposed in a ring of beer, sweat, and bodies. Heaven and Hell are for mortals, but victory is forever. On this night,... Continue Reading →

* Adolescents, Lower Class Brats, Scars and Stripes @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/04/11

On the Vinyl Music Hall calendar, sandwiched between the surf punk of Agent Orange and the outlaw country of David Allan Coe, were three separate generations of punk music gathered on one stage for an energized night of music. Vinyl... Continue Reading →

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