* Agent Orange, It Starts Today, CockFight @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/01/11

Ghosts have to rock too? Maybe the New Year's Eve downtown celebration wasn't enough for a roaming spirit on the first night of 2011. Apparently, there is a picture floating around of a smoke filled Vinyl stage and the image... Continue Reading →

* Strike Anywhere, The Flatliners, Diversity is an Old Wooden Ship @ Vinyl Music Hall. 11/04/10

It is only fitting that two days after Election Day, Strike Anywhere brought their message of global punk awareness to Pensacola, Florida, which is a town very familiar with the band since their inception in 1999. “Punk Rock has had... Continue Reading →

* The Independents, The F’n A-Holes @ The Handlebar. 10/21/10

Halloween is around the corner, Christmas is stalking you from a store down the street and Santa Claus is dropping off the Misfits on Pensacola’s doorstep a week after Black Friday. This year is ending with a crazy bang! But... Continue Reading →

* Haste The Day & Sleeping With Sirens @ Vinyl Music Hall.10/04/10

FOR MORE PICS FROM THIS SHOW click on this link...Haste The Day Pensacola, FL Flickr page Monday, January 21, 1985. That was the day that I fully committed to Heavy Metal! Ronald Reagan was inaugurated to a second term and... Continue Reading →


This year, Deadbroke Rekerds’ recording artists, Fellow Project and Go Sell Drugs (Brooklyn) embarked on a Summer tour of the East Coast which landed them firmly on stage at Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant sharing a bill with Will Gibson and Imaginary... Continue Reading →

* Supreme Dispassion, CockFight @ The Alabama Music Box 08/20/10

The Alabama Music Box in Mobile, Alabama is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues to check out shows. Spacious, yet comfortably intimate, you can easily melt into a crowd at the front of the stage or escape for private... Continue Reading →

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