slowpoke rodriguez

* RiotGod, Slowpoke Rodriguez @ The Handlebar. 02/09/2012

Touring in support of their latest album, "Invisible Empire" and days before invading Europe, RiotGod brought their otherworldly rock sound to The Handlebar in Pensacola, Florida. As soon as I made it inside, local group Slowpoke Rodriguez had already launched... Continue Reading →

* Jucifer, Slowpoke Rodriguez, Holding God Hostage @ The Handlebar. 11/20/11

Loud: adj. marked by intensity or volume. See also JUCIFER. Jackhammers don’t compare to the quantity of sound produced by Athens, Georgia band Jucifer. The wife and husband duo of Gazelle Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood aren’t just loud, they’re... Continue Reading →

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