sluggo’s vegetarian restaurant

* Late Night Jazz featuring Joe Occhipinti @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant, GALLERY NIGHT + INTERVIEW W/ JOE OCCHIPINTI 01/25/13

“Play the melody." I had less than 24 hours to find Joe Occhipinti. In the past, I found him many times, many places; churches, festivals and Friday night Swing Dances at the American Legion. But now, the one time I... Continue Reading →

* Benefit Show for Amanda!!! Emerald Coast Murders, Roman Gabriel Todd’s…, Mon Cul @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant + INTERVIEWS W/ AMANDA MCCABE & BOB CROSS. 05/19/12

“Now that I think about it… My favorite show is really any show I get to see a good friend of mine really rock the f*ck out. Hands down those are all my favorite :-)" - Amanda McCabe As another... Continue Reading →

* Earl’s Killer Squirrel 18th Anniversary Show @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant + INTERVIEW W/ EARL & MIKE LYON. 04/06/2012

"Sometimes it’s like two old kids fighting over the same’s not necessarily a thing of power, just misunderstandings. I like to describe it as, “We have a CCR relationship.” Called the John Fogerty leaving Tom in the hospital. The... Continue Reading →

* HIP-HOP NIGHT: Big Lo, Saga the M.C., Inferno, Precise, Cyborganics, Skratch-Aholix @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 06/24/11

The only silent moment during the recent session of Sluggo’s monthly Hip-Hop Night occurred at the beginning of Big Lo’s "take no prisoners" lyrical blitzkrieg. With an attack that rendered everyone speechless including every patron, DJ and even the plastic... Continue Reading →

* Back Pockets, Company of Ghosts, Polyamory, Over Stars and Gutters @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. + INTERVIEW W/ Company of Ghosts. 06/09/11

On a night that featured Back Pockets (Atlanta, Georgia) Over Stars and Gutters (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and two local groups, Polyamory and Company of Ghosts, musicians Patrick Hutchinson, Chris Stokes and Ali Roudabush shared some time to answer a few... Continue Reading →

* Jukebox Superhero @ Vinyl Music Hall + Company of Ghosts @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 04/29/11

Who was that masked band? Who knew that the Green Lantern was such a cool drummer or that Superman could leap tall buildings while shredding a Guns N' Roses solo? Riddle me this! Did you know that the Dark Knight... Continue Reading →

* Sexy Crimes, Sports Bar, Boneless Rats @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. + INTERVIEW W/ BONELESS RATS. 04/20/11

A year goes by fast and in the case of business, a year can exceed some venture's lifetime; opening...closing...THE END. But on April 20th, Sluggo’s celebrated the one-year anniversary of its current location. The chapter now being written inside 101... Continue Reading →

* Earl’s Killer Squirrel @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant 12/23/10

The chorus of the song said it all. “I’ll Never Be Your Boyfriend.” With one sentence, Earl Lyon, lead singer and guitarist of Earl's Killer Squirrel, condensed a mass of human emotion into five words. Much like Ernest Hemingway who,... Continue Reading →


This year, Deadbroke Rekerds’ recording artists, Fellow Project and Go Sell Drugs (Brooklyn) embarked on a Summer tour of the East Coast which landed them firmly on stage at Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant sharing a bill with Will Gibson and Imaginary... Continue Reading →

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