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* Intronaut, Rainey’s Revenge @ The Handlebar + INTERVIEW W/ SACHA DUNABLE. 02/09/13

In the February 8, 2013 edition of the Pensacola News Journal, I referenced a show at The Handlebar that happened nearly a decade ago.On January 27, 2004, Mastodon was the tour support for stoner rock band Nebula. My band Cockfight... Continue Reading →

* Old 97’s, The O’s @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ RHETT MILLER 02/08/13

“Speaking of X, John Doe gave me some advice that I think back on a lot…he said, 'You don’t want to be a bar band. You’re better than that, you don’t want to spend your life just being in a... Continue Reading →

* Soul Asylum, Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ DAVID PIRNER 02/05/13

"Everything from your parents trying to keep you from dropping out of school to your bass player dying...if you want a life that’s free of obstacles, don’t join a rock band...Because there’s always something that needs duct tape or there’s... Continue Reading →

* David Dondero, Kevin Seconds (of 7SECONDS), Kent Stanton @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ KENT STANTON 10/30/2011

I interviewed Kent Stanton for the first time on a Friday night in July, 2011. We talked for nearly five hours on a bench outside Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. My recorder died somewhere between the second hour and Def Leppard. I... Continue Reading →

* Punkstravaganza @ The Handlebar + INTERVIEW W/ JOSHUA TAYLOR of Operation Hennessey 01/26/13

“That damn ska music is going to tear this place down.” Like a scene from Titanic, all I imagined was a wave of body parts, horns and assorted instruments swallowed down a hole opened through the floor of 2000’s era... Continue Reading →

* Ex-Breathers, Earl’s Killer Squirrel, Altered States @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 1/21/13

Henry Rollins is a Terminator living in Tallahassee, Florida. He was sent to rule the world and his weapon is the hardcore band Ex-Breathers. When Cyberdyne first sent Jim Morrison to do the job, he was interrupted by the 60’s... Continue Reading →

* Cedric Burnside, Brooks Hubbert III @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/18/2013

How many shots of gin can you drink and still stand up? After Brooks Hubbert III gave a psychedelic how-to on rock guitar, Cedric Burnside (grandson of Mississippi bluesman R.L. Burnside) sent the Vinyl Music Hall crowd on his blues/rock... Continue Reading →

* Late Night Jazz featuring Joe Occhipinti @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant, GALLERY NIGHT + INTERVIEW W/ JOE OCCHIPINTI 01/25/13

“Play the melody." I had less than 24 hours to find Joe Occhipinti. In the past, I found him many times, many places; churches, festivals and Friday night Swing Dances at the American Legion. But now, the one time I... Continue Reading →

* Galactic featuring Corey Glover of Living Colour, Art Official @ Vinyl Music Hall 01/15/13

Childhood birthday parties and rock concerts are the same. Minus the alcohol, a lot of the same ingredients are found in both. Shouting, smiling and music are just a few of the similarities. The icing on the cake of the... Continue Reading →

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