The F’n A-Holes

* Joey B. Wilson’s Farewell and Good Riddance Extravaganza! Joey B. Wilson & The Daybreak Boys, The F’ n A-holes, Justin Otto @ The Handlebar. + INTERVIEW W/ JOEY B. WILSON. 03/15/2012.

Joey B. Wilson can run the streets with rappers, rednecks, punks and metal heads. Not to be cool, but because he loves music and the people who make it. An activist and musician who ignores color and genre, Wilson is... Continue Reading →

* The Independents, The Handsome Scoundrels, The F’n A-holes @ Alabama Music Box. + Evil Presley Interview 04/26/11

***Less than 24 hours after the Independents performed at the Alabama Music Box, many states in the Southern, Midwestern, and Eastern regions of the United States were hit by what the media have called one of the most destructive tornado... Continue Reading →

* The Independents, The F’n A-Holes @ The Handlebar. 10/21/10

Halloween is around the corner, Christmas is stalking you from a store down the street and Santa Claus is dropping off the Misfits on Pensacola’s doorstep a week after Black Friday. This year is ending with a crazy bang! But... Continue Reading →

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