The Revivalists

* The Revivalists, Timberhawk @ Vinyl Music Hall. “City of Sound” CD Release Show + INTERVIEW W/ DAVID SHAW. 03/23/2012

Months before they performed at the 2012 Hangout Music Fest by winning the national Hang Loose Band Competition, The Revivalists made a return visit to Pensacola, Florida. Celebrating the release of their latest album “City of Sound”, Vinyl Music Hall... Continue Reading →

* The Revivalists, Timberhawk @ Vinyl Music Hall + PLUS INTERVIEW W/ DAVID SHAW. 01/13/12

Give the people a song and they’ll sing along. Give them a show and they will remember you forever. David Shaw knows how to give a show. Vinyl Music Hall served as the arena du jour as the Ohio-born frontman... Continue Reading →

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